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This is a fundraiser to build tiny houses for those who need them.
Our first recipient is Leta Rector, 69 years old and a native of Oklahoma. Leta is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, a soprano who has traveled the world ministering the gospel and who worked for many years as a legal secretary. In recent years, Leta developed a lung condition that has made it very difficult for her to share space with others – any smoke or chemical (cleaning products, fragrances, etc.) causes respiratory distress. Our board wants Leta to have a home of her own! Any donation you give goes into a savings account that earns interest until we have enough to purchase (and a backyard to put the house on). Please contact us if you would like to donate a product or service to help us raise funds (and raise awareness of our charity) –
A note from Leta:
Hey! THANK YOU. i’m struggling with my health and knowing someone cares strengthens my immune system! when the medical profession determines how to help people with fungus in the lungs, maybe i can get well. Til then i will do all i can to be the healthiest i can. I look so forward to the day when i can think about something else besides where do i have to go right now to breathe? and i can begin finishing my children’s books and the one i want to do the most “The Bible Made Simple” i can’t wait. So much love. thankyouthankyouthankyou